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In conversation with Eric Van Peterson



We are exhibiting at Scoop this season- a prestigious clothing and jewellery trade show, which will be held at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

Eric sat down with a member of the Scoop Team for some insider information on the brand. Take a look…

You started out in vintage and antique markets, how would you say this has inspired your designs today?

The Camden Lock and Portobello Road markets were better than any college. People would turn up in the market selling everything from Persian carpets, antique furniture, musical instruments, Victorian nightgowns, to rare ethnic jewellery and more. I would run around in the morning and buy all kinds of things and then spent the rest of the day trying to sell them and make a profit. I learned about hallmarks, vintage watches, fabric; everything you a young designer would need to know. I called it Camden University.

With your interest in the symbolism of gemstones, would you say that each piece you design tells a story or communicates a message?

Symbolism in jewellery is almost as old as man. For thousands of years he has worn shells, stones, found items, pearls, crosses. Symbols for luck like four leaf clovers, horseshoes, and symbols of protection such as the Hand of Fatima or the evil eye. I have sold these symbols for years. I am especially keen on organic shapes and textures, designs that reflect nature.

What’s your earliest memory of fashion and design?

I arrived at college in the 1970’s. Everyone had long hair and seemed almost tribal. I liked it. The sporty, clean cut guy from Ohio soon became a Hippie and started going out with Hippie girls. There was an extraordinary amount of freedom that influenced everything from clothes to hair to music to philosophy. We were the very first generation of Americans that did not trust the government. We also discovered a new kind of tobacco!

Tell us about your favourite piece in your AW19 collection

I like working on Magritte and Gypsy necklaces. They are all one-offs and each creation is totally unique. It is like building little sculptures. No one else makes these. Check out the collection here.

Why did you choose to exhibit at Scoop this season?

London is the centre of the universe. Unfortunately, our trade shows are not special… except Scoop. Karen Radley had a brilliant idea when she organised a highly edited group of designers that could exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery. Plus, I live in Chelsea.

To register to attend please follow this link.

To read the full interview please click here.

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